4 Elements (89 min./ 35 mm) NPS 2006

Four chapters poetic documentary about people who work with the four elements. Four places on earth where fellowship and trust are of existential importance. The first part Fire shows the struggle of the Siberian smokejumpers, who try to fight against the forest fires from inside-out.
The second part Water, shows the fishermen of the Bering Sea in Alaska, during their 5-day journey to catch the exclusive Kingcrab.
Earth takes us 1240 meters underground in a coalmine in Germany where the miners have to work together with huge machines. And the last part Air shows the hard training of the astronauts and their lift-off in Kazakhstan.


2008 Best Film, Trento internat. filmfestival, Italy
2007 Best feature length documentary, Femina intenat. filmfestival, Brazile
2007 Best cinematography, Chicago internat. Filmfestival, USA
2007 Prix Ecocamera, internat. documentary festival Montreal, Canada
2007 Kristall Film, Januari 2007

2007 Special jury mention, Message to man, Russia
2007 Special jury mention, Ecocinema filmfestival, Greece
2007 Nomination: best feature length documentary, national filmfestival Utrecht, The Netherlands
2007 Nomination: best sound national filmfestival Utrecht, The Netherlands
2007 Nomination: price of the Dutch Filmcritics national filmfestival Utrecht, The Netherlands