2011 El sonido del Bandoneon (74min./RED)

Documentary about the instrument that is most associated with passion: the bandoneon. The film is a search for the soul and special sound of this instrument
that is so inextricably linked to Argentina and its most famous musical expression,
the tango. A passionate and moving portrayl of an instrument on the brink of extinction.

2008 Babaji, an Indian love story (75min./S16)

Documentary about an 103-year old sjamaan in the North-east of India who descends every day into his own grave to wait for the death.
Premiere at the Int. Rotterdam film festival 2009.

2007 Memory Maps Interactive project - Stifo-Sandberg workshop

Interactive program which combines soundlayers and personal stories of refugees with google-maps.
Filmfestival: Internat.Filmfestival Rotterdam,NL

2006 4 Elements (89 min./ 35 mm) NPS 2006

Four chapters poetic documentary about people who work with the four elements. Four places on earth where fellowship and trust are of existential importance. The first part Fire shows the struggle of the Siberian smokejumpers, who try to fight against the forest fires from inside-out.
The second part Water, shows the fishermen of the Bering Sea in Alaska, during their 5-day journey to catch the exclusive Kingcrab.
Earth takes us 1240 meters underground in a coalmine in Germany where the miners have to work together with huge machines. And the last part Air shows the hard training of the astronauts and their lift-off in Kazakhstan.

2005 Sevko (1:40 min./mini-dv)

Short film in the series 26.000 faces, about a 14-year old boy from Bosnia, who writes down his dreams about his murdered father.
Festivals: IDFA 2005

2004 Electriek (fiction / 9 min./ 35mm) NPS Kort!

Short film about an old lady who lives in the last house of Belgium without electricity. When the government discovers this, the people of Belgium feel the need to bring the old lady all kinds of electronic devices.
Festivals: Internat.Filmfestival Utrecht, The Netherlands

2004 Himmelfilm (20 min. /Super 35mm)

How were the skies like when we were young? For this experimental documentary, sounds and interviews from different places off the world were collected. People tell about their childhood memories, their home, their skies. Is the sky the same everywhere?
With Wim Wenders, Luigi Falorni, Byambasuren Davaa, Husam Chadat o.a.

2003 Untertage (25 min./16mm)

This impressionistic documentary was shot in one of the last working coalmines in Germany. It shows one day of the lives of two miners as they go to their working places deep underground.